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The Columbia County Sheriff's Office operates many programs to assist our citizens, prevent crime and educate our youth. We participate in the Kids First program and provide a leadership role with the United Way of Columbia County. We volunteer our time in and out of uniform to provide service for others and encourage all our citizens to do the same. Please take a few moments to learn about our programs and how they benefit our community.

Sheriff Chamberlain assisted the Secret Service and local law enforcement during President Clinton's campaign visit to Bloomsburg. The former President thanked the Sheriff for his public service after the event.

Sheriff Chamberlain at the Bloomsburg Fair Grounds

Deputy Kris Keefer gives a presentation of a hovercraft to local school children at the Bloomsburg Fair Grounds.

Columbia County Underwater S.A.R. Unit hovercraft

Posse Members Ed Gappa (L)and Brian Rhone (R)

Brian Rhone in front of chopper